Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heavy Cream Face Mask for Dry Skin

A moisturizing face mask for dry skin. Heavy cream and mango are full of vitamin A that is exactly why they are used on wounded and sunburned sensitive dry skin. The recipe fat content will preserve the moisture in your skin. An additional moisturizer is the lecithin in egg yolk.

You will need:

    * 1/2 Mango
    * 1 tablespoon Heavy cream
    * 1 Egg yolk
    * 1/2 teaspoon Chamomile oil
    * 1/2 teaspoon Apricot oil

Making your mask:

Skin the mango half and cut it in smaller cubes, put these together with the heavy cream, egg yolk, chamomile oil and Apricot oil in a food processor and blend them until you have a homogenous smooth paste.

Spread the paste gently and equally with your fingertips on your clean face and neck- keep the eye area clear.

Now relax and leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes

Then wash it off with a soft warm wash cloth and warm water, end with a splash of cold; pat your skin dry with a clean towel. Finally apply a moisturizer, this way you "seal" your skin to keep the water inside. Using the mask for 2-3 times a week will keep your skin moist and supple.

Whole Wheat Flour & Heavy Cream Facial Mask

This mask combines the benefits of heavy cream, and whole wheat flour vitamin E content. Again the cleansing and soothing effects are obtained by the
rose/orange water applied after the mask.

* 1 Qt. water
* 4 tsp. dried rose petals (or 8 tsp. fresh rose petals)
* Peels from 2 organic oranges
* 3 tsp heavy cream
* 2 tsp honey
* 2 tbsp whole wheat flour

- Boil the water and remover from heat
- Add rose petals, orange peels and cover 
- Allow to steep until water becomes lukewarm
- In a separate pan, heat 6 TSP water, and honey
- Remove from heat, add the flour and heavy cream and whisk into thick paste
- Apply the warm paste to the face and neck. Leave on for 20 minutes
- Carefully wash off the dried mask with the fragrant rose/orange water. Pat dry
- Apply your favorite moisturizer

Heavy Cream and Vitamin E Facial Scrub

This mask is a fine tuning of Heavy Cream Facial, the mask that uses brown sugar and heavy cream as a scrub. The vitamin E is added to add antioxidant properties to the scrub, and thanks to heavy cream the mask is also moisturizing.

    * 1 Cup Brown Sugar
    * 3 TBS Heavy Cream
    * 1/4 cup molasses
    * 1 tsp Vitamin E ( cut open a couple Vitamin E liquid gel caps)
    * 1/2-1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Blen the ingredients the usual way and apply to the face , and leave it for 15-20 minutes. You can elaborate your way to get the optimum mask for your skin, by trying different ingredients like, white sugar, different vegetable oils, Sage, Rosemary ..etc oils.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heavy Cream Scrub

You will never want to go back to a facial scrub from the store. Try a natural one, and when you make it yourself, you won’t just be saving money, you know exactly what is in them, and you can probably find it all right now in your kitchen.

- 2 cups brown sugar (lightly packed)
- 3 TBS heavy cream
- 1/4 cup molasses
- 1 TSP vanilla

The added effects of brown sugar and molasses, makes this mask a super scrub, the heavy cream will also moisturize your skin, and the vanilla gives it a beautiful scent.

Your all-natural scrub will separate. Stir before each use. Moisten your face with warm water, scoop out a bit of the scrub, and apply to your skin. Work it in gently–you can even leave it on for 10 or 15 minutes to increase the nourishing benefits before washing off with warm water. Use a couple times a week and you won’t believe how soft your skin will be!

It does not need to be refrigerated, and it will keep well.

Chocolate Heavy Cream Facial Mask

The driving idea behind this facial mask is that cocoa contains antioxidants which can prevent or repair damage to the skin (and other parts of the body). Whether the antioxidants can truly be absorbed through the skin or not is up to debate, yet it does have effects on the skin. This facial mask is deliciously moisturizing and well worth it. It’s a fun and easy beauty trick to create–right out of your kitchen.

the cocoa powder (for the antioxidants) along with molasses for sucrose content , heavy cream (for moisturizing, and short chain fatty acids).
1/3 cup cocoa powder
3 tablespoons heavy cream
1/4 cup honey

Combine in a blender or food processor.  Put everything in there and blend till smooth.

It makes a dark, rich concoction that looks like you need to better eat it!

Use a small spoon or a finger and spread it all over your face. Let it sit for about 15-20 minutes.

During this time, enjoy the smell of chocolate and its effects. Scientists believe cocoa contains properties that stimulate the release of endorphins which, when smelled, improve one's mood.

Carrot Heavy Cream Face Mask

Beta-carotene in carrots has antioxidants, the benefits of vitamin A in heavy cream for the skin is well known, and the honey will nourish the skin with all types of nutrients. The ingredients are complementary to each other to leave your skin supple and smooth.

* 1 carrot boiled and mashed
* ½ cup of heavy cream
* 3 TBSP honey

    *   Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and make a smooth paste.
    * Apply the Avocado Carrot Cream Face Mask gently on your face and neck.
    * Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes.
    * Rinse with cool water and dry your face and neck with a soft cloth.
    * Follow with a cold astringent or skin tonic of your choice

Heavy Cream and Strawberry Facial Mask

This mask combines the properties of being exfoliant and moisturizer. The exfoliant properties are inherited by the presence of  alpha-hydroxy acids present in strawberry and molasses, and the heavy cream is already moisturizing by its fat content. You will need:

- 4 to 5 very ripe, medium size strawberries
- 2 teaspoons heavy cream
- 1 teaspoon molasses

Rinse the strawberries in lukewarm water, and dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. In a small bowl, mash the fruit with a fork. Add the cream and molasses, mixing well. Leave on for 20 minutes

People with sensitive or sunburned skin might find the strawberries irritating. Test on a small patch of skin first to assess your skin's reaction.

You can try whatever fruit known to have effects on the skin like, avocado, bananas, pears...etc.